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10月 12 2018

Let's talk about Emotional Branding

You all have an emotional brand, what’s yours >>http://bit.ly/hsemotionalbrand

Aug 24 2018

If not you than who...

I'm here in Utah and just heard the news about OxyContin being hit with 1,000 lawsuits. If you know me, you know I am passionate about finding relief for pain through non-addictive alternatives. HealthSource does just that and we've made it a goal to educate the public about these options that include:Chiropractic, Progressive Rehab® and more.

看看我最近的podcast episodefor more details, I hope you join me in making a difference!

Aug 17 2018

Podcast: The Balanced Practice

The coast of California is a great place to start a podcast. This week I visited a handful of West Coast HealthSource locations, which included Dr. Kevin Bugg. Dr. Kevin is located in Escondido, CA and is up 88% this month from last year. Good news, right?

Check out my latest podcast episode to find out how he's doing and more importantly how balance comes into play.

"Episode 2: The Balanced Practice" from The Doctor Tomcast by Chris Tomshack, DC.

Jun 22 2018

A little focus for your FRIDAY!

Hello All!

Amental adjustmentdelivered by “The Friday Focus,” which is a brief list of what I’m thinking about, learning about, or doing right now in the pursuit of happiness, health and longevity. I hope you find it useful!

非常有趣的书Discovered By Complete Mistake:Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life.Two weeks ago, I quickly ordered 2 books on Amazon. In my haste, this book was ordered instead of a book on tapping, which I found an interesting topic. While in the air at 35,000 feet, I started reading this book, hoping to learn about the technique called tapping. Instead, this book started talking about interpreting dreams. Wow, when applying the information to dreams in the following days, it seems spot on. The result? More mental clarity and an overall sense of calm which comes on immediately after spending merely a little time reviewing the most recent dream. Totally unexpected! If you could benefit from increased calmness or clarity, you’ll like this read.

Extremely Effective Sleep Aid:这个去年3月一直保密s because it has helped my lifelong insomnia so much, I was waiting for it to stop working. It continues to work amazingly well and is now part of my daily sleep ritual. It’s a Fisher-Wallace Stimulator, which is a transcranial stimulation device that is FDA cleared for the treatment of insomnia and depression. You can order it direct under a DC license. Yep, it feels weird for the 20 minutes you use it, which is now about every 3 days. In the last 3 months, I’ve slept far better than in any time in many, many years. Look it up. Research it. If you have sleep issues, you may want to try it. Or you may want to try it just to say you’ve shot current through your brain and lived! Two thumbs up!

Wonderful Quote to Sit and Ponder:In Order To Succeed We Must First Believe We Can.Nikos Kazantzakas. And we can program ourselves to believe we can succeed at something, but that’s fodder to a different day.

As always, please let me know your requests and suggestions on Twitter. Which focus point above is your favorite? What do you want to know about? Just send a tweet to @Christomshack and put the #TheFridayFocus in there so it can be easily found.

Have an amazing pre-holiday weekend filled with happiness, health and friendship!

P.S. Do you have a particular question for me? Send me a tweet to@ChrisTomshackasking me anything. Please put the hashtag #TheFridayFocus. I’ll pick some and answer them in an upcoming “The Friday Focus”. Let me know your thoughts!

Jan 18 2018

Rebooting your mind? Seriously?

Yesterday an outstanding doctor and I were having a conversation, similar to one I’ve had many, many times with others from all walks of life. At the core, what was needed was a 'mind reboot.’ Unless you’re perfect, ALL of us need a reboot from time to time. Google ‘how to reboot your mind’ and you’ll be inundated with endless links. Some are great, some are useless, some are ludicrous and some are dangerous. Rebooting is about finding your passion. A refocus. A return to the passion of ‘why we do what we do' that fuels us. It’s about re-identifying the reason ‘why’ we get up in the morning and do what we do and how well we do it.

My humble suggestion is if you don’t need to rekindle that fire today, save this email for when you need it, because every one of us needs to reconnect with that fire once in a while. It’s human and it’s ok. To ask for help with this process is also very much ok. In fact, it’s often necessary. Books serve a good purpose. Live, in-person mentorship, however, is what leads to massive growth.

Start with getting back to your purpose, what you’re passionate about. A good friend asked me early this morning, “why do you do what you do.” In other words, he wanted to know what my purpose is. For me, it’s about helping more and more people lead healthy, prosperous lives. What is your purpose? What are you passionate about? Is it helping people be pain free and healthy? Is it removing nerve interference? Is it about building a great clinic? What are you passionate about? Spend time on this one. It’s what fuels your passion, your mission and your results. It builds lifestyles.

Next up is recognizing your patterns, because we all have them. Our patterns tend to dictate our decisions and our decisions dictate our outcomes. Only YOU can change your patterns. But first, you need to know what your patterns are. For instance, when someone challenges you, do you instantly defend or do you instead listen for understanding? This moves right into risking the possibility of failure, because when you change patterns, you dive right into the unknown, and that can be darn scary. Risking failure by making a decision which runs contrary to your default response is key to growth, both personal and business…….and it’s necessary.

Now we transition into the activity of expanding your mind. This obviously delivers new information into your brain that can transform your life. Reading books is an important first step. Choosing to read is choosing to grow. But it doesn’t end here. All the books in the world aren’t going to transform your life. That comes from direct mentorship from trusted advisors. I used to think books alone could do it. Then two new mentors entered my life. They impressed upon me the critical need for a live mentor(s) and their advice proved monumentally correct. You must have live mentors, not just books.

From your mind, we delve into your body. To reconnect with your passion, it is hugely integral to also focus on your body. You already know this. Address your nutrition, your exercise, your sleep, and everything else that builds and recharges your body. If you don’t have a daily exercise and nutrition regimen in your life, get one today. Your life depends on it. I’m currently doing a lot or work on increasing deep, restorative sleep. You’ll hear about it soon. And last up is making sure that on a daily basis you recharge your spirit. This doesn’t happen by happenstance. It happens as a result of your daily disciplines, from setting your mind right the moment you wake up to using techniques to refocus your spirit throughout the day. Those first 10 minutes upon waking are incredibly important to programming the quality of your day. You simply must have a routine that starts before you get out of bed.

Rebooting your mind is not psychobabble. It’s real and it’s necessary and it is what winners do. Now it’s your turn!

For more information on HealthSource visit:www.hsfranchising.com

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