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10月 17 2015年

The Size of Your TV and Your Practice

我读了很多的书。这个贪得无厌的习惯开始ed way back in grade school, and the seed was planted by my parents. In fact, all my siblings read voraciously. Some of my most relaxed memories are of my parents and me all reading books in the living room. By high school I was consuming Steven King novels like a brain-starved zombie. By college, the mix changed to lots of business and self help books with the odd fiction work tossed in for balance. I love to read.

One vivid memory I have is when my high school chemistry teacher, a crazy intelligent guy with a PhD, came in for his regular bi-weekly adjustment. He used to love to wear his shirt that had S-P orbitals on it. I never quite understood that concept in his class so he took great pleasure in tormenting me with that shirt. This particular day he had a huge smile on his face when I walked in the treatment room. He also had a rather thick book in his hands. Something was amiss.

He told me that while he was waiting in the reception room (I had a 10 minute policy. If you’re not in a treatment room in 10 minutes, your visit is free.), he got into a keenly interesting discussion with another man about the thick book he was carrying. My teacher told me “I would have never expected to run into anyone anywhere that would have read this particular book. It’s complex. And the very pleasant man in the reception room had read it and understood the material completely. We had a great discussion and it made my day!”

Then he paused for a moment, turned to me and said, “That man was your father!”

Boy did that make me feel good, not to mention proud. Both my Mom and Dad modeled the habit of reading on a daily basis. The lesson took hold in me early on, just like it did in my siblings.


There’s a wonderful quote by Jim Rohn which states“poor people have big TV’s. Rich people have big libraries.”When we built my house 5 years ago, instead of the usual boring den, we built a library. It’s already just about out of space. In the last 2 months I’ve consumed and learned from 14 more books, and there is literally a huge drawer full of more to be read, plus a stack next to my bed. Books feed your mind. They are a source of not only knowledge and certainty but they can also keep us sharp, able to converse intelligently on a wide array of cool and interesting topics. They make us more interesting.

你是否每天培养阅读习惯?如果没有,你可以每天至少提交5分钟吗?您可以参与无数的习惯,不为您服务。我有我的名单。你有你的吗?Why not REPLACE a habit that doesn’t help you with one that does?And what better way to start than to get on Amazon and order a best seller in any genre that lights your fire? Go ahead.然后为您所爱的人塑造阅读习惯。你和他们会更好,因为这是你现在可以采取的第一步.

Stay Focused!

Jul 17 2015年

Ted: The FINAL Chapter

Things are cooking. Ted has a new found passion and zest, both for his business and his family. As he builds his business, he is systematically creating more money and TIME for his family. He does this by implementing our non-personality dependent business techniques: by recreating himself in others, in other words, leverage.

The first week of July found Ted in this scenario: 6 more new clients (his goal used to be 5 a MONTH), launching a new reactivation campaign for females only, hanging dry erase boards to list goals, chart progress toward them, and list team celebrations, he’s drinking 3 green drinks a day now in addition to green tea, and he’s conceptualized his Christmas in July promotion. This was a huge week.

7月第二周看到Ted 6更多新的clients yet again. Remember, he’s probably the most expensive trainer in Ohio. He’s looking for another trainer to facilitate more growth and ensure he does not have to train new clients, and he’s down to training about 4 clients a week himself. He is meeting with the direct mail company RSVP to do a direct mail campaign. This is similar to Val-Pak but much higher end (we’re working on this right now too). He bought a house for his Dad to rent from him and he paid cash for it (his idea, not mine. I would have counseled not to use cash). He started working on a direct mail campaign to attract attorneys as clients and he sent out another batch of reactivation letters. Another week in the books and he crushed it. His trend is skyrocketing after 5.5 months of blocking and tackling implementation, which means implementing correctly the fundamentals of business growth.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed reading about Ted’s journey. All the lessons and the activities for growth are directly transferable to your practice, albeit with some tweaking. The great news is that in HealthSource, we have all these already done and ready for you to implement. So I ask you, why wait? Why not do things vastly differently from this day forward and construct, from embryonic stage forward, the practice and lifestyle of your dreams. Nothing is stopping you but you, and you can evolve.



Chris Tomshack DC
Healthsource脊yobetdota2椎按摩疗法, Progressive Rehab & Wellness


Jul 10 2015年


Ted and I had 2 conversations in April and 2 in May. It went like this: “Dr. T., I’m starting to see some light. You’ve got me crazy busy and we’re starting to really get momentum.The cash flow problem hasn’t eased up yet, though I know it will because all in all, our schedule is getting busier. My three trainers aren’t close to being packed yet, but client visits are rising and so are new clients. I’m a little tired from the one-hour drive both to and from work, but I can listen to the books you’re telling me to read so it’s productive. I’m feeling hopeful and jazzed! My challenge is thatsummer is always the slowest time of the yearfor my business and this really worries me a lot.”

So I’m thinking, “man, Ted sounds just like a lot of chiropractors. If I can keep himmotivated to continue implementing, Ted’s going to start living his vision.”

Here’s what I had him work on in the 2nd half of April and into May.

  1. Design and write a client reactivation direct mail campaign.在7年前开展业务时,将其整个客户列表段,一路返回到3年前,进入3个名单。我们将首先邮寄到最古老的列表中。以下几周我们将邮寄到中间名单。是的,我们将重新激活活动发送到整个名单。我们还用简单的电子邮件跟进每个直邮包。
  2. Design a full-page ad to go into a Money Saver-like direct mail piece. It should drop the first week of June if possible.
  3. Repurpose this piece to go into the Cleveland Women’s Journal, which is a magazine mailed monthly. This should drop in the end of June.
  4. Buy and listen to Tony Robbins “Live With Passion” CD serieson his way to and from work, everyday, no exceptions.
  5. 向他的整个客户列表发送新闻稿, active and inactive, monthly, no exceptions.
  6. Have a fully completed and executed marketing calendar每时每刻。他刚刚完成了他的第一个版本,我告诉他它是贫血的。他立即实施了更好更丰富的日历。
  7. 在所有营养上持有25%的营养销售他携带。为什么?让他的客户刺激至少尝试营养。第一步是让他们至少尝试营养,并在休息时实现这一目标是巨大的胜利。
  8. Schedule a talkwith a financial planner at the Cleveland Yacht Club.
  9. Start to fund an IRA.
  10. 开始感激日志and use it daily.
  11. Continue reading 2 books a month.
  12. 发布大型'汇率卡',类似于我们在我们的MVP健康俱乐部完成at the front desk, poster size.

你在思考,'这是一个长长的名单。他是如何完成它的一切努力并继续工作?“好吧,这一切都是关于不接受平庸的燃烧欲望,而泰德拥有这种特质。He desperately wants to be successful.He wants to earn a lot more so his wife, a successful attorney, can quit her job and work with him in operations. She hates her work. He wants to be successful so he can spend more time with his family, to travel, or to just hang by the pool. He wants a better life and is willing to accept coaching to get there. We started the relationship off by me telling him,“I’m damn busy. For me to take you on, you must agree right here and now to do what I recommend, even if you disagree. If you can’t accept that, I’m out.”He accepted the One Rule.


Aug 14 2014年

You Just Lost A New Patient

A couple of weeks ago my family and I were vacationing in Ashville, North Carolina. We rented this very cool chalet on a ski resort on a beautiful mountain. It was serene. And amazingly, the place was almost empty. It was beautiful, with every early morning spent with my amazing bride, Lisa, green tea in hand, gazing at the beautiful mountains as the sun softly climbed into the sky. Man, this was peaceful! And what made this even better was that Dr. Jim Hoven (a hugely talented executive at HealthSource) and his wonderful wife, Shawna, were with us.


So what’s this got to do with you losing a New Patient?

Here’s the deal. Most coaches out there teach you to do像构建你的练习一样的东西,以便首先为您的需求提供服务。大部分的docs I’ve met believe this to be true.它couldn’t be further from the truth. Do this at you and your practice’s peril.它must be all about your patient and your patient’s experience, not yours.

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon.com, one of the most successful companies in the world, put it this way: “我们将客户视为邀请客人参加派对,我们是主持人。这是我们的工作每天都会让客户的每个重要方面都更好。“

是你的病人‘invited guests’to the party? Is it all about them and their convenience and not yours?

Zappos.com首席执行官Tony Hsieh,另一种方式:“We asked ourselves what we wanted this company to stand for. We didn't want to just sell shoes. I wasn't even into shoes - but I was passionate about customer service.” Zappos.com is an incredible success and it was sold to Amazon for 1.2 billion dollars only 10 years after it was founded. How could it be worth so much?他们的重点是他们对客户的大部分关注,而不是他们自己的舒适和方便。

Indulge me one more time. Mark Cuban, the owner of professional sports teams, entrepreneur and the guy on Shark Tank, said: “让您的产品比您的竞争对手更容易购买,或者您会发现您的客户从他们那里购买,而不是您。“This means exactly what it says, which is thatyour service must be highly convenient for your patients, and not based on your perceived needs.

Certainly you can name some people that have built some financially successful practices while having the focus entirely on them, but they are few and far between. And worse, they leave no lasting legacy behind. The company never achieves the highest basic need of humans, which is to do something bigger than ourselves. That’s a shame, and it makes for a one or two-dimensional life at best.

这一切对你意味着什么?它的意思是make your office all about your patient and their wonderful experience.在Healthsource,我们称之为沃什每次访问的患者。这意味着超出他们的期望。它的意思是making it easy for them to chose care in a HealthSource office by having convenient hours, affordable payment options, filing the insurance for the patient, making it a fun and zany environment each day, and it means the patient gets the very best care possible to get the most incredible results available.

你的办公室比赛最后一段吗?它should. If not, shoot me your questions to drchristomshack@healthsourcechiro.com and I’ll get back to you personally. Remember, it should always be ‘what’s best for the patient’, not the doctor.

All the best,

Chris Tomshack DC

Healthsource yobetdota2Chiropractic,Inc。